Leadership Development Resources

Have you clarified your own motivations for aspiring to be a leader? Understanding your personal "why" is important, as it forms the foundation of effective leadership, influencing your success and the paths of those you will lead.
Needing to be liked refers to a leader’s desire for approval and acceptance from others, while liking to be needed implies that a leader finds fulfillment in being of service and making a meaningful impact.
To be an approachable leader means being open and willing to listen. It means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable approaching you without fear of negative consequences.
Ignoring underperformance can lead to a decline in team morale along with a decline in trust and respect for a leader who is afraid to make tough calls.
Leading from a place of desperation is not a sustainable or effective leadership style. Instead, those leading by invitation create a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility, where everyone’s voice is heard, and where team members are empowered to contribute to the organisation’s success.
When did work get so...beige? We are so often forced to play it safe, rewarded for mediocrity and terrified to colour outside the lines. Is it any wonder we’re bored, burnt out and broken? Fortunately, the world (and your workplace) is crying out for a new breed of leader. Regardless of role, title or tenure, we need more risk-takers and mischief-makers who seek to find and prioritise more joy, creativity and aliveness at work.