Fast track high potentials

Prepare your future pipeline of leaders and retain high potential talent.

High potentials are more than just high performers. They carry the future success of an organisation in the drive, capacity and exceptional leadership they possess.
Despite this, developing and retaining high potentials can be a significant challenge for many organisations.
Our coaching and leadership development programs transform your rising stars into confident and capable leaders, building strong foundations for their future success.

Support emerging leaders


Build your pipeline

Invest in and nurture your future leaders early on to ensure they’re equipped with the vital skills for future roles.

Provide a safe space

Empower them to overcome self-limiting beliefs within a confidential and judgment-free space.

Accelerate their development

Support their drive and ambition to progress and turn their raw potential into exceptional leadership.

How we do it

Through the power of 1:1 coaching, and expertly crafted learning experiences, individuals gain the necessary skills and habits to perform and grow in their roles.

Complete the onboarding survey

Individuals begin their program with a brief self-insights assessment to recognise their strengths, uncover blind spots and embrace a plan to grow.

Match with the right coach

Individuals are presented with their top 3 coach matches and empowered to select a coach aligned to their career goals and personal needs.

Book and join sessions

Individuals are in control of when and how they book, meet and reschedule with their coach through the platform.

Embed new habits

Individuals are prompted to take action and engage in the right learning resources at the right time, ensuring knowledge is applied and retained.

Measure progress

Your business has access to valuable insights on participant engagement, satisfaction and progress through our real time analytics.

A clear path for high potentials

Our learning experiences are designed to develop foundational capabilities, creating lasting impact and growth.


Self-awareness for growth

Understand how your mindset, behaviour and communication style affects others and how to adjust your approach.
Expand your self-awareness to identify your strengths, areas for development and a path to optimising performance.
Increase your awareness through regular self-reflection strategies.


Building relationships and influence

Create meaningful relationships to generate value and promote belonging for you and your team.
Identify and build valuable relationships that will increase your impact.
Learn how to analyse and identify the motivations of stakeholders and develop effective communication strategies to build relationships, gain approval, and achieve results.


Delegating effectively

Learn how to effectively delegate tasks to the right people.
Understand how to empower and develop a team through delegation.
Develop an approach to delegate work that engages people and encourages their best work.


Giving effective feedback

Master the key elements of giving effective feedback - relevant, specific, timely and candid feedback.
Discover effective ways to give feedback against the expectations you have set.
Gain the confidence to provide feedback as one of your daily habits.

Coaches that drive results

Backed by leading technology, our AI-driven matching pairs high potentials with a coach that personalises their approach based on each individuals:

Development goals
Career context
Preferred coaching style
Perth, Australia
200 people helped
8 years exp.
Brisbane, Australia
1,000 people helped
20 years exp.
Brisbane, Australia
500 people helped
7 years exp.
500 people helped
6 years exp.

Business ready, anytime, anywhere


Personalised and on-demand

Flexible programs tailored to your leadership model, with coaches personalising the partnership to the unique needs of each individual.

Measurable business impact

Live reporting that enables you to track participant progress, engagement and satisfaction.

Scalable technology

Whether its 1 or 1,000 people, our tech instantly scales to your needs, ensuring your people have access to coaching wherever and whenever they need it most.
"My coach asked the right questions and was able to reframe and clarify my responses to show he understood what I was saying. On top of that, having an easy going and friendly demeanour facilitated open and honest communication. I liked the focus on having a learning mindset as that's something I place particular importance on."
Jordan M
Software Engineer @ ReadyTech

You are in good hands


clients of different sizes across many industries


coaching sessions facilitated


development programs delivered
"Had a great experience. Very professional, great coaches and great advice highly recommended to anyone in leadership."
"I really enjoy the sessions, every time I get some insights I can incorporate into my every day job and/or gain more confidence in my thinking.​"

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