Amplify leadership capabilities

Hellomonday Amplify transforms key
skill gaps through structured, measurable and personalised one-to-one coaching journeys.

One-to-one coaching,
one capability at a time

Scalable programs

Select one capability across a cohort of leaders, guided by three personalised one-to-one coaching sessions.

Fast and effective

Leaders transfer learning directly to their jobs and develop long-term behaviour change in just 8 weeks.

Measurable outcomes

Our detailed reports track progress against baseline assessments to capture skill development and capability uplift.


Strategic interventions empower your leaders to navigate key moments with regular learning, practice and reflection.

We learn and
perform better
with a single focus

Our structured coaching programs cultivate the leadership skills and behaviours needed to thrive in today’s fast paced world.

No matter their starting point, I have helped leaders at all levels develop their core capabilities. Hellomonday Amplify elevates leaders across your entire workforce.
Shehana Sicinski
Lead Coach

Build the business critical capabilities you need

Supercharge emotional intelligence
Unleash the power of influence
Drive accountability
The art of delivering coaching and feedback
Build resilience
Transform your leader mindset
Navigate your career journey
Impact in your first 100 days
Lead hybrid teams
Attract the best and brightest
Prepare for change
Lead through change
Champion inclusive leadership
Powerful performance conversations
Lead career conversations
You're in control of your leaders' development. Choose the core capabilities most needed in your organisation today.

for growth


Track progress from the start

We start and end each program with baseline assessments to track progress and measure skill development, with both leaders and their managers participating in these assessments.


Select the right coach

Matching your leaders with the right coaches matters. That’s why your leaders choose their own coach from a selected pool of industry-leading experts with extensive experience.


Unleash the value of coaching

With personalised and contextualised learning, your leaders receive support tailored to their unique needs and are held accountable for their growth through regular coaching sessions.


Apply new skills immediately on the job

For long-term development to hold, behavioural change needs to take place. To ensure this, your leaders receive timely behavioural nudges to complete micro-reflections and reinforce learning.


Harness the power of digital coaching

Our platform enables digital coaching to seamlessly scale across your workforce, granting your people access to on-demand coaching in the moments they need it most.

Drive impactful
change with Amplify

Hellomonday’s coach matching is exceptional. I picked the perfect coach for me with relevant experience and great rapport. After each session, I have clear steps on actions to take and feel confident in my development journey ahead.

Brooke Rowe

People and Culture Director
IPG Mediabrands

With Hellomonday Amplify, I've deepened my understanding of accountability, which has been incredibly empowering. My coach's openness has been instrumental in guiding me to find my own solutions and articulate my goals clearly.

Tase Jaycobs

Associate Director
Yellow Group

My coach is the ideal coach. They ask great questions, share learned insights and listen to my needs. What I value most is their structured approach to help overcome challenges and find a path forward.

Felix Mason

Senior Client Director

Amplify FAQs

How do the programs work?

Over each 8-week program, every leader receives three 45-minute one-to-one coaching sessions.

Within these sessions, your leaders will focus on one Hellomonday Amplify topic. As an organisation, you select the capability uplift most important to your organisation and ensure your leaders focus on that topic or topics.

At Hellomonday, we deliver seamless digital coaching experiences providing greater accessibility and flexibility for your leaders to speak with their coach at a time that’s convenient for them and the ability to choose a coach they feel comfortable with.

What is the benefit of focusing on one capability at a time?

Robust research reveals people learn and perform better with a single focus. That’s why Hellomonday Amplify focuses on one capability uplift at a time. With sequential coaching sessions, practical activities to apply new skills and micro-reflections to boost deep learning, long-term behavioural change can take place.

How do you measure the effectiveness of each program?

Baseline assessments are completed to measure your leaders’ capabilities at the start and end of each program. Both your leaders and their managers complete these assessments to track self reported and observable behavioural change over the 8-week duration of the program. 

While other platforms typically measure employee satisfaction or ask leaders for areas of improvement, we measure targeted and specific capabilities to track real behavioural change. Beyond this, our advanced reporting displays these insights in an easily digestible report so that you have the ability to view progress and facilitate conversations on your leaders’ development.

What insights will I receive as a HR professional?

You have complete visibility over the capability uplift of your leaders. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can view the number of coaching sessions completed, real-time feedback, capabilities developed and program recommendations. Beyond this, an in-depth analysis of the capability uplift across leader cohorts is available with interactive graphs displaying pre- and post-program results.

Can we tailor coaching to our organisational capabilities?

We’ve developed a comprehensive leadership capability framework focused on the most pressing needs of organisations today.

With over 300 capability frameworks reviewed, feedback from thousands of coaching sessions, and scientific research, Hellomonday Amplify’s topics have been selected to drive maximum impact. 

Our experts will work in partnership with you to ensure your capability framework aligns with any coaching programs delivered.

How do leaders maximise their coaching sessions?

For some leaders, Hellomonday Amplify might be their first experience with a coach, while others may have previously engaged in coaching. No matter their level of experience, the most important thing is to ensure that they come prepared for their sessions, understand what is expected of them and are clear on the growth opportunity ahead. 

To make the most of the experience, we encourage leaders to be vulnerable, open and honest with their coach, and to share their coaching and development goals with their manager. It is equally as important to reflect on the skills they are developing, draw insights from their coach and engage in the recommended learning activities. 

Most importantly, your leaders will be supported in putting their new found skills into practice to ensure long-term behavioural change sticks.

With pre-selected topics, how do you cater for the individual needs of each leader?

With one-to-one coaching, your leaders receive persoanlised guidance tailored to their individual needs. Within each coaching session, our expert coaches are trained to identify your leaders’ core needs, challenges and skill gaps aligned to the topic area of focus. 

When it comes to coaching, all leaders will have a different starting point. That’s why our coaches have access to their baseline assessment results. This allows them to work side-by-side with your leaders to uplift specific capabilities from beginner to proficient, proficient to excellent, and so on.

What is an ideal program cohort size?

There is no one-size-fits all approach to coaching. Hellomonday Amplify is designed for scale, whether you have a small group of ten leaders or hundreds, we are equipped to develop your leaders’ core capabilities. What sets this program apart is the ability to achieve organisational uplift of core capabilities across leader cohorts at the same time.

What learning theories is Hellomonday Amplify grounded in?

Individuals learn and perform better with a single focus. Hellomonday Amplify's one-to-one coaching and structured journeys are specifically designed to enhance engagement, facilitate deep learning and foster accountability. 

Embedded within this are our three core pillars: learn, practice and reflect. This framework establishes a proper understanding of core concepts and new behaviours, and puts it into practice by empowering leaders to apply the new skills directly to their role.

The repetition of these new behaviours leads to true habit formation. Micro-reflections bolster deep learning by self-identifying areas of success and improvement to boost leaders' performance and growth.

Why Hellomonday?

We are a trusted partner to many. Headquartered in Sydney, and part of the Hudson group of companies, we have been helping individuals unlock their full potential for over 35 years. We have facilitated over 300,000 coaching sessions and 10,000 leadership development programs across APAC. And we are just getting started!

Transform your
leaders with Amplify