Support employees returning to work

Make returning to work a smooth and successful transition.

Returning to work following an extended absence can be difficult.
Providing support during this period of uncertainty is critical to improving overall wellbeing, resilience and management of stress.
Our coaching and development programs equip returnees with the tools and guidance to not only navigate the road ahead but emerge stronger and better prepared.

Accelerate their transition


Help them reintegrate

Support their return as they recreate routines, re-establish relationships and master the return to work.

Improve satisfaction

Create a strong sense of connection and commitment, boosting long-term job satisfaction and engagement.

Reduce turnover

Prevent them from feeling overwhelmed or unsupported during the readjustment period.

How we do it

Through the power of 1:1 coaching, and expertly crafted learning experiences, your people gain the necessary skills and habits to perform and grow in their roles.

Complete the onboarding survey
Individuals begin their program with a brief self-insights assessment to recognise their strengths, uncover blind spots and embrace a plan to grow.
Match with the right coach
Individuals are presented with their top 3 coach matches and empowered to select a coach aligned to their career goals and personal needs.
Book and join sessions
Individuals are in control of when and how they book, meet and reschedule with their coach through the platform.
Embed new habits
Individuals are prompted to take action and engage in the right learning resources at the right time, ensuring knowledge is applied and retained.
Measure progress
Your business has access to valuable insights on participant engagement, satisfaction and progress through our real time analytics.

A clear path for returnees

Our learning experiences are designed to develop foundational capabilities, creating lasting impact and growth.


Maximising your time and productivity

Learn to develop a system to manage your time, be more productive, and reduce stress.
Create healthy habits and routines to improve productivity.
Recognise the importance of self-care and build this into your schedule.


Self-awareness and adapting your strongest qualities

Recognise and manage feelings of anxiety, guilt, or stress, and cope with these in a healthy way.
Expand your self-awareness to identify your strengths, areas for development and adapting your strongest qualities to fit your new lifestyle.
Increase your awareness through regular self-reflection and mindfulness strategies.


Delegating effectively

Delegate tasks effectively to support your effectiveness as a leader by identifying the right people based on their skills and strengths.
Empower your team by giving them authority and freedom to approach the tasks autonomously.
Communicate clearly about expectations, deadlines, and resources, and provide feedback and support to help your team grow.


Building resilience

Resilience can be particularly crucial for those returning to work. Understand resilience and how it applies to your personal and professional context.
Identify personal stressors and develop strategies to manage them.
Create an action plan to increase resilience and decrease stress in the workplace.

Coaches that drive results

Backed by leading technology, our AI-driven matching pairs returning employees with a coach that personalises their approach based on each individuals:

Development goals
Career context
Preferred coaching style
Melbourne, Australia
500 people helped
15 years exp.
Sydney, Australia
500 people helped
7 years exp.
Sydney, Australia
1,000 people helped
25 years exp.
Brisbane, Australia
500 people helped
5 years exp.

Business ready, anytime, anywhere


Personalised and on-demand

Flexible programs tailored to your leadership model, with coaches personalising the partnership to the unique needs of each individual.

Measurable business impact

Live reporting that enables you to track participant progress, engagement and achievement of development outcomes.

Scalable technology

Whether its 1 or 1,000 people, our tech instantly scales to your needs, ensuring your people have access to coaching wherever and whenever they need it most.
"We covered all of the goals that I started with, with Merryl providing clear strategies and activities to move me forward for all of these goals."
Harriet C
State Manager

You are in good hands


clients of different sizes across many industries


coaching sessions facilitated


development programs delivered
"Had a great experience. Very professional, great coaches and great advice highly recommended to anyone in leadership."
"I really enjoy the sessions, every time I get some insights I can incorporate into my every day job and/or gain more confidence in my thinking.​"

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