Digital coaching unleashes a new era of L&D

Why digital coaching

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Coaching is rapidly evolving. Many will be familiar with the traditional face-to-face delivery of leadership development programs for one-to-one coaching. However, this is no longer preferred by participants, clients, and coaches alike. 

Digital coaching has now emerged as the front-runner with a proven track record of increased learning outcomes, stronger participant engagement, real-time progress updates, and better accessibility for all. 

As an extension of traditional coaching, digital platforms provide greater flexibility for participants to book sessions and experience on-demand personalised learning journeys, all while coaches can instantly share industry-leading resources, capture more in-depth notes, and oversee participants’ progress.

Unlike traditional coaching typically reserved for senior leadership and above, digital coaching can be rapidly implemented and deployed at scale to support people at all stages of their career growth, without breaking the bank. 

As organisations grapple with the economic uncertainty that lies ahead, whilst keeping pace with hybrid working and technological advancements, almost 90% of L&D professionals believe that proactively growing their people’s skills and core competencies will help navigate this. 

As a result, digital coaching has emerged as the next evolution of traditional coaching. And, it’s here to stay. 

Traditional coaching is no longer practical

It’s no surprise that traditional L&D programs are resource-heavy. The undertaking to deliver coaching and leadership development programs face-to-face is substantial for all those involved. 

And with this, the barriers to traditional coaching are mounting – from participants and coaches carving out hours of their day to attend and travel to sessions, coupled with the extensive resourcing required to create customised programs, and the impracticalities for coaches taking detailed notes during sessions, among many others. 

As the pandemic spearheaded our transition towards hybrid work, engagement in face-to-face coaching and programs is dwindling. A digital-first delivery is now the leading preference for both coaches and participants.

Supercharge engagement with next-gen tech

Traditional L&D programs have an engagement problem. Recent studies have shown digital therapy, and by extension digital coaching, delivers the same quality outcome for participants. Better yet, in the digital format, engagement and accessibility of the sessions are substantially higher.  

One of the biggest misconceptions of digital coaching is that it limits the human connection of face-to-face delivery. With Hudson’s 35 years of experience, our robust data and feedback validate that digital coaching provides the same quality experience for participants with enhanced benefits. 

Let the numbers speak for themselves, Hellomoday participants overwhelmingly report strong experiences, boosted confidence levels and increased effectiveness in reaching their goals with digital coaching. 

Enhanced habit formation & learning outcomes

Traditional coaching is said to happen “everywhere and nowhere”. 

Think about it, during face-to-face sessions, participants scribble down handwritten notes distracting them from actively engaging, the coach typically prints handouts or shares their screen to explain frameworks, and the session summaries are shared in various forms. 

This is often ineffective for participants to remember those “golden nuggets”.  

Whereas, digital coaching enables participants to completely engage with the session knowing that all the resources, coach’s feedback and recommended next steps, will be in one place. This “home for coaching” provides on-demand learning experiences, meaning participants can log in anywhere, anytime to reap the rewards of their session.

Hellomoday’s philosophy is focused on driving long-term behavioural change. The cornerstone of this is the Spacing Effect which states habit formation is most likely to occur when learning opportunities are spaced out, rather than in immediate succession. This supports recall and repeated practice creating meaningful habit formation.  

Digital platforms enable this with strategically-timed recommendations for participants to delve into learning materials, while allowing them to track their progress in real-time, revisit their coach’s notes, and discover industry-leading resources. All while, clients gain greater transparency over their people’s development and completion of programs.

Improved accessibility, inclusion & equality 

Traditional coaching is fixed to a time and place with pre-selected coaches. For many with extensive travel times, care-taking responsibilities, and neurodiverse learning styles or disabilities, this can be a barrier to engage. 

With digital coaching, participants are now empowered to instantly select their own coach who they feel comfortable with based on professional and lived experiences, certifications and training, coaching philosophy, location, gender, and more. Beyond this, digital coaching enables people to complete their sessions from the comfort of their own home or preferred locations equipped with their accessibility needs.

At Hellomonday, our coaches cater to everyone. Over two-thirds have supported individuals with disabilities, more than three-quarters have regional delivery capabilities and a further two-thirds have helped Indigenous and culturally diverse Australians.

Take the next step

Unlock the transformative power of digital coaching today. Whether it’s cultivating leadership skills, enhancing performance, or navigating career transitions, our programs are designed to address the unique needs of each individual. 

Let’s shape a future where personalised development is accessible to all, anytime, anywhere. 

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