Say hello to Hellomonday

We believe that everyone should have access to the best support and development to unlock their full potential. Hellomonday was created out of this vision to drive the best development experiences - through coaching and personalised learning, delivered using the best technology.

Our Mission
We enlighten, equip and empower everyone to thrive in their career.
Our Vision
We help everyone reach their full potential in a job they love.

Hello to our values


We win together

We achieve so much more when we come together than when we work alone. We lift others up so that together, we can all achieve so much more.


When it's on, we are on

When we see problems, we take personal accountability for solving them. We don’t worry about whether it’s in our job description, or who is watching us, we get it done. We quickly make decisions with a focus on outcomes.


Act with heart

Be yourself, act with authenticity. Bring your personal beliefs and values to what we do everyday.


Do it for our customers

We never forget who we are doing this for. Our success is based on our ability to understand our clients and candidates, and deliver solutions that solve their problems.


Be awesome

What we do has the potential to reshape lives, so we owe it to our customers to be bold. We are prepared to put it all on the line, to take risks and to dare to be different. When we don’t win, we learn.

Hello to our story

Launch of Hellomonday. Our vision from the beginning was to help everyone reach their full potential and this is bringing us one step closer to that. We combined our expertise in development and learning with the best tech to make meaningful development accessible to everyone at scale. Hellomonday is a personalised development platform combining the best in learning and coaching to help individuals and organisations thrive.
Launch of JobAccelerator. A purpose built product to help outplaced employees land their next role smarter and faster. The JobAccelerator platform combines an on-demand job search portal that serves participants with personalised, high quality, curated content coupled with guidance from an expert career coach.
The Hudson group as we know it today came into existence from TMP Worldwide, which previously acquired Morgan & Banks. This created one of the largest talent management and recruitment businesses across APAC.
We delivered the first set of Leadership Development Programs. Since then we have continued to help individuals and organisations perform at their best in a more sustainable way. We have delivered over 10,000 leadership development programs and 300,000 coaching hours.

Hello to our team

Simon Moylan
CEO, Co-founder
Dino Talic
CPO, Co-founder
Salih Mujcic
Head of Product Innovation
Trevor Pham
Head of Engineering
Trini Nixon
Head of Customer Acquisition and Engagement
Angus White
Customer Success Director
Diego Moliterno
Principal Product Designer
Chanel Bornoff
Director Learning Experience
Tahmina Curic
Head of Growth Marketing
Kate Robertson
Director Customer Acquisition
Bill Chen
Lead Software Engineer
John Papadopoulos
Enterprise Account Executive
Stacy Carr
Customer Acquisition Account Executive
Grace Wearne
Content Marketing Manager
Wayne Foster-Johnson
Senior Career Coach
Fiona Cowl
Lead Coach
Leonie Stanfield
Career Coaching, Training & Communications Consultant
Shehana Sicinski
Coach Community Quality Lead
Rod Steele
Career & Leadership Coach
Victoria Timson
Customer Success Manager
Rohana Khalid
Candidate Care Consultant
Carole Wickham
Senior Career Coach
Rebecca Jennings
Career Coach
Mason Gogoll
Commercial Manager
Chee Duong
Project Coordinator
Scott Pegg
Customer Acquisition Account Executive
Sue Lawson
Project Lead
Amanda Lee
Customer Success Consultant
Dan Dovell
Senior Sales Development Manager
Cara Mercurio
Sales Development Representative
Chaka Setijawan
Account Executive
Spencer Marshall
Account Manager