Action Resources

Leaders often spend their days in a flurry of activity but achieve very little because they do not focus on the most critical tasks. Leaders should shift their focus to results, learn to say 'no,' be proactive, and focus on the time management matrix to avoid creating a "phantom workload."
When leaders and their team members appreciate the differences between responsibility and accountability, this results in the most suitable individuals being assigned to projects and which people will take ownership for the overall results.
Guiding teams through change isn’t easy, and it’s the role of change leaders to ensure those around them aren’t taken by surprise by changes and feel safe.
Have you thought about how many decisions you make as a leader or whether you may be suffering from decision-making fatigue? It’s important to be aware of the tell-tale signs.


Action in leadership is all about prioritising what is most important in reaching goals to keep teams focused and committed, especially during times of change. This involves identifying key tasks and initiatives that have the greatest impact on organisational success, and focusing team efforts on these. It’s also important to communicate clearly with team members about what is expected of them, and to provide the resources and support they need to achieve their goals.