Managing Performance Resources

When it comes to managing the performance of your employees, as a leader you need to understand your individual employees’ work styles as well as how they like to be recognised.
Properly conducted, performance reviews indicate your professionalism as a leader, appreciation of contribution and desire to see employees improve and grow within the company.
If a team member approaches you wanting a promotion, you need to consider if they're looking for a promotion, or new job entirely – one that may in fact only exist beyond the company walls.

Managing Performance

Managing performance is a critical skill for achieving organisational success. Good performance managers are able to set clear performance expectations, provide ongoing feedback and coaching, and recognise and reward achievement. They also recognise the importance of providing support and development opportunities to help individuals reach their full potential. Effective performance management involves regular monitoring and evaluation, and the ability to address performance issues in a constructive and positive manner. With the right mindset and strategies, anyone can become a skilled performance manager and achieve greater success through effective performance management.