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Ignoring underperformance can lead to a decline in team morale along with a decline in trust and respect for a leader who is afraid to make tough calls.
It is important for leaders to be able to distinguish between ‘disagreeable’ and ‘toxic’ team members. After all, disagreeable employees can often bring valuable skills and perspectives to a team or organisation, and they can also be highly effective in certain roles.
While empathy can be extremely helpful for building strong relationships with team members and understanding their needs and concerns, it’s certainly not the only factor that determines a leader’s success.
What does ‘strategic workforce planning’ really mean for you as a leader? How do you align your organisation’s business objectives with the goals and aspirations of your employees? If workforce optimisation is the missing piece to your organisation’s success, check out our latest hellomonday post outlining the role of a leader when it comes to workforce planning and manpower optimisation.
Women have unique perspectives, skills, and experiences valuable to any organisation, yet are underrepresented in leadership roles. Investing in women leaders through mentorship, flexibility, development, inclusivity, and leadership opportunities is not only the right thing to do, but a smart business decision.
Effective team management requires balancing skills, abilities, personalities and roles, and resolving conflicts in a timely manner. Astrology has no place in recruitment or conflict resolution.
When the going gets tough, there are many leaders who will try far too hard to pretend everything’s fine or to put a positive spin on every situation as opposed to accepting the reality that sometimes things just don’t quite go according to plan.
How focused are you on employee retention right now? What are you planning to do in 2023 to prevent your employees from dusting off their passports and waiting patiently in the departure lounge?
How well followers follow is as important to a company’s success as how well their leaders lead. It's not an overstatement that good followers matter as much as good leaders. So, if you want to spot your future leaders, identify your followers first.
Empowering a multi-generational workforce is a common leadership development trait – one that will become even more important. How can you successfully lead a multi-generational workforce?

Building Productive Teams

Building productive teams is a critical skill for achieving success in any organisational context. Effective team builders are able to bring together individuals with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives, and create a cohesive and high-performing team. They also recognise the importance of clear communication, shared goals, and mutual respect in building trust and maintaining positive relationships. Good team builders also understand the importance of ongoing team development and feedback to continuously improve team performance. With the right mindset and skills, anyone can become a skilled team builder and achieve greater success through effective teamwork.