Whether you lead a small team, a larger team, or an entire organisation, self-reflection is crucial for improving your leadership mindset, appreciating the impact you're having on those around you, and for planning the next phase of your journey.
Self-awareness is cited as the most important capability for leaders to develop. It’s about knowing your emotions, strengths, weaknesses and values, and their impact on others.
Emotional Intelligence is a critical leadership capability. The ability to perceive your own and others' emotions; to understand the signals, whilst managing them successfully.
When operating under a remote or hybrid model, ensuring positive and transparent team dynamics and striving for easier and more effective team conversations is a priority for leaders.
Perhaps you feel your career has been a series of lucky breaks, you were in the right place at the right time or promoted into your leadership role by fluke. You're not alone.
Congratulations! You've landed your first leadership role. How are you feeling? Slightly terrified? Rest assured, you're not the first new manager to feel like this.

Being Self Aware