Influencing Resources

Every leader wants to be credible in the eyes of their employees. But part of this credibility also means being influential. Becoming an influential leader is much more than simply getting people to do what you want.
Anyone in a leadership position needs solid negotiation skills to help navigate many different scenarios they could find themselves in. As a leader, how prepared are you when it comes to negotiating?
Executive presence isn’t exerting authority or engaging in power plays. It's embodying leadership traits such as commanding a room, displaying confidence and communicating articulately.


Influencing is a crucial skill for success in many aspects of life. Effective influencers are able to persuade others to take action or adopt a particular viewpoint, while building trust and maintaining positive relationships. Good influencing involves understanding others’ perspectives, tailoring messages to resonate with their values and beliefs, and using a range of communication styles and tactics. Successful influencers also recognise the importance of integrity, transparency, and collaboration in achieving their goals. With practice and the right mindset, anyone can become a skilled influencer and achieve their desired outcomes.