Creating Connection Resources

To be an approachable leader means being open and willing to listen. It means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable approaching you without fear of negative consequences.
An open letter, written on behalf of middle managers, to their leaders – the CEOs and others in the C-suite on how to better take care of direct reports.
Nobody confides or puts their trust in invisible leaders. It’s a leader’s genuine presence and availability that increases team morale, loyalty and commitment.
As we transition and adapt to the ‘new normal’ hybrid work culture, it’s important leaders think about what their team members need and expect from them.
Transparent leadership helps to eliminate employees’ fear of the unknown as well as unnecessary nasty surprises.
How comfortable are your team members in expressing emotions in the workplace? If someone cried, would they feel embarrassed, or have you created a culture where vunerability's OK?
Many employees feel anxious about returning to the office. Leaders need to deal with the uncertainty and ambiguity of it all while also getting BAU activities back on track.

Creating Connection

Creating connection is a valuable skill in both personal and professional relationships. Good connectors are able to build rapport and establish meaningful connections with others, based on shared values, interests, and experiences. Effective connection building involves active listening, showing empathy, and asking thoughtful questions. Good connectors also understand the importance of reciprocity and giving back to others. With the right mindset and strategies, anyone can become a skilled connector and develop authentic, long-lasting relationships that benefit both parties.